14 Creative DIY Stoner Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

DIY something special for your stoner soulmate this Valentine's Day. In this blog post, I'm going to show you special joints to roll, unique ways to give "flowers" (marijuana) and other dope treats. Alright, let's have a look

1. Chocolate Box Filled with Cannabis

Buy a box of chocolate, eat some of the chocolate (or all) then replace it with cannabis nugs or containers of shatter and put the lid back on. 

2. Flower Joint

Roll up a flower (tulip) joint for a special smoke, get the tutorial here 

3. Cannabis Bouquet

Get a bouquet of flowers from a florist and place freshly cut cannabis flowers (still on their stem) amongst the rest of the flowers. BAM you have yourself a cannabis bouquet!

4. Heart Shaped Filter Paper

Add a heart shaped filter tip to your joints for the evening, see the video for a tutorial.

5.  "Vase" and Flowers

Take a trip to your local head shop and purchase a bong, then go to a florist and buy some roses, go home and fill the bong with water, and stick your roses down the tube so it reaches the water. Now you have the perfect "vase" that you can smoke out of after gifting it to your significant other (you might want to clean it after removing the roses) 

6. Heart Joint

Show them how much you love them with this heart joint. SheSmokesJoints teaches you how to roll a one on MassRoots 

7. Edibles

Make or purchase Cannabutter then bake into their fave cookie recipes for a wonderful, stoney treat.  

8. Candy Bouquet

These candy bouqeuts are such a creative way to give candy and chocolate. It's pretty straight forward and easy to do but if you need some help or inspiration check out Pinterest. 

9. Golden Joint or Blunt

Twist up a gold joint or blunt for you to enjoy together. Shine papers are made of hemp and 24k (edible) gold and will make you feel like your smoking $1,000,000 

10. Weed Lube

Weed lube.. need I say more? Learn how to make your own here

11. Color Your Own Marijuana Themed V-Day Cards

Remeber giving small cards to your classmates on Valentine's Day? Re-live that nostaglia with my stoner Valentine's Day cards! Just download the file, color and cut them here or purchase the pre colored in my Etsy store

12. Hemp Bracelet Roach Clip

Roach clips are a super handy stoner tool, create a roach clip bracelet with my video tutorial.

13. Custom Gift Basket

Put together a custom weed themed gift basket include:

  • their fave rollies or blunts
  • lighters
  • munchies
  • roach clip
  • pokey tool
  • other little cannabis products they like

14. Cannabis Massage Oil



Who doesn't love an oily rub down 😉 especially if it's infused with cannabis! et the instructions here.

There we have it! 14 creative DIY stoner Valentine's Day Gifts for your to make for your stoney soulmate! Hope you have a wonderful Stonertine's Day! 

Much Love, Stay Crafty