Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Chronic Crafter

So far I've uploaded one video to Youtube and have another in the works. Watch my first video below where I show you how to make a glass cabochon picture necklace with a High Times Magazine. Leave a comment, some constructive criticism.. whatever, let me know what you think!

Hello, my name is Ash and I'm a chronic.. I use MMJ daily, I'm also a daily creator. A day doesn't go by that I don't draw something, create an image using Adobe Illustrator, make a movie for my Youtube channel, or do a variety of crafts. I believe it's important to create, it's good for the soul and the mind. 

My mission with Chronic Crafting is to help spark creativity in you by making DIY video on Youtube and blogging about things I've created or inspired me. 

I'm also on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook is coming soon

So yeah come join me while I'm crafting chronically