Framing Coloring Pages for Wall Art

It's my friend's birthday! I wanted to give her something special so I colored one of my pages and framed it for her!

First here's a time lapse of me coloring the page, I did a running commentary of how my coloring techniques.. if you can call it that.

I love doing time lapses, it's fun and looks trippy!

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If you don't watch the video here's some progress pictures

CDN$ 19.71


By the way this page is from my coloring book Color Me Cannabis, available here on my website, on Etsy, or Amazon

Don't want the book? That's cool you can buy the page here in my Etsy shop





So after I was done coloring I went to the dollar store and grabbed a frame 

Unwrapped the plastic, struggled with those stupid black clips on the back, lined up the picture the frame mat, put it back in the frame, cursed those black clips as I pushed them back down and then threw it on the wall to have a look

What do you think? I was happy with how it turned out and my friend loved it so win-win!

What have you done with some Crafty WITH the pages you colored?

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Time Lapse Coloring Adult Stoner from Color Me Cannabis