3 Reason You Should Try Adult Coloring

Adult coloring benefits

Unless you've been living under a rock you've seen the craze of adult coloring books and you might be asking why

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Why are adults coloring?

1. It's Meditative

Being an adult can be hard, how often do you wish to have the simple life of a child again? Meditating can help clear your mind and relieve you of the stress and anxiety that can be caused by "adulting"

2. Helps Spark Up Your Creativity

As a child our creative imagination was always running wild. You were a creative little thing and you still are, it's just that you haven't practiced it in a while. Adult coloring is an easy starting point for anyone wanting to be more creative and artistic.

3. It's Fun and Simple

The world we live in is a crazy one! It's all busy, busy with computer screens, beeping phones, crowds of people. Coloring is a simple activity, but it's still fun and there's something very satisfying about seeing a page fill up with color.

Children's Coloring Books Vs Adult Coloring Books

It might seem childish to be an adult using children's coloring book so they created coloring books that are more adult orientated. There are some key differences between adult coloring books and children's coloring books.

Adult coloring books are often more intricate than children's coloring books. Now that you're "all grown up", you have a steady hand and you're able to stay inside the lines and color inside tiny, little spaces. 

Adult coloring books aren't filled with childish images either, well I'm sure some of them are.. But there's millions of different coloring books themes to choose from. Some of them are definitely for adult eyes only, since they include swear words or half naked men.. 

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These definitely aren't your kid's coloring books

If you enjoyed coloring as a child there's a good chance you'll still enjoy it today and there's the perfect coloring book out there for you.

Coloring isn't a childish activity, it's an easy form of art. Afterall, drawing is the hardest part, now you can skip that and go straight to the fun part, laying color down on the page.

What Should You Color With?

Pencil crayons, markers and gel pens are the most common coloring utencils to use in adult coloring books.

Here's some popular ones from Amazon.com below

Popular Types of Pencil Crayons

Popular Types of Gel Pens

Popular Types of Markers

Okay so we've talked about why you should be coloring, what you can use to color now let's look at some of the most popular coloring books

I hope I've inspired you to join the world of adult coloring.

It's a fun, relaxing activity and is a good way to unplug from 2016 and take it back to a time where life was more simple.