Why My Glue Gun is my Fave Crafting Tool

If I was only allowed to use one crafting tool for the rest of my crafting life it would be my glue gun. 

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You might say I would "put a ring on it" if I could..  So let me introduce you to her.

surebond glue gun
surebonder glue gun

Here she is on our first day together, isn't she beautiful?

There are many glue guns like her but this one is mine. 

So why do I love my glue gun so much?

The reason is how versatile of a tool it is. There are literally 1 million uses for a glue gun in crafting life and in real life.

Search "Glue Gun Crafts" or "Glue Gun DIYS" on Pinterest and you'll see what I mean. SOOO many glue gun crafts

You can do:

  • Wall Art
  • Jewelry
  • Decorations
  • Fashion Accessories 
  • Fix Stuff
  • Glue Stuff to Other Stuff


Here's a few of my fave glue gun DIYS:

Making Stencils 

3-D Canvas Art

Crayon Drip Art on Canvas

Glue Jewelry


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And did you know that you can purchase glue gun sticks that glow in the dark, are neon in color, or glittery?

So many more possibilities!!

The one down side to working with your glue gun is that it gets pretty freaking hot and can be kinda messy!

Here's some products that will fix those problems, no more fights with your glue gun.. After all you know who always wins? 

Glue guns can be kinda dangerous, I'd be lying if I said I've never been burnt by my glue gun... You need to work with the gun, not against it- for everyone's safety.

So let's have a quick safety meeting-

just incase you're not too familiar with using a glue gun or could use the reminder

If you're ready to commit to a glue gun or want to upgrade your current glue gun to something a little more pretty here's some that I found on Amazon

Aren't they beautiful? If you're willing to sacrafice beauty for function then you'll stoked on this next glue gun because.. 

IT'S WIRELESS!!! Did you know they make wireless glue guns now? What an age we live in! 

No more tripping over the cord, sending your hot glue gun flying off in your direction ready to mess shit up.

Aint nobody got time for burns.

But everybody's got time for crafting so grab your glue gun and create something rad!

Like I said there's so many ideas on Pinterest so jump on there  for inspiration. And while you're hanging out in Pinterest land, come follow me

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Much Love, Stay Crafty  

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