Chameleon Pens Review

Want to see the coolest marker since... well markers were invented? The Chameleon Pens are innovative alcohol ink pens that allow you to control their color. This enables you to create seamless 3-D effects and gradients that are perfect for highlighting and shading. 

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In order for the marker to change color the nib of the pen needs to soak in the toning medium.

The longer it's in contact, the lighter it gets for longer.

Cool right?

From one pen you can get multiple tones! 


  • Beautiful and bright colors
  • Fun to use once you understand how to use them
  • Refillable ink and ink toner
  • Bullet and Brush tips on the pen and both are replaceable
  • Buy one pen for multiple tones instead of a bunch of pens in each tone
  • Buzzing online community of Chameleon Pen users that are creating amazing art


  • Learning curve
  • Takes practice to use in order to create these phenomenal effects
  • Waiting for pens to change color (anywhere from 5 to 35 seconds)
  • There's no way to know which shade your pen is when the two nibs are touching


  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Check out the Chameleon website for a library of videos on how to use them
  • Grab some of their "Color Cards" that are meant to help you learn and practice on
  • Use the technique "Color Hopping" which is essential coloring different areas of your page based on what tone your Chameleon Mark is
  • Not sure what tone your marker is at? Keep a scrap piece of paper handy to check


I first saw these pens when they were a Kickstarter and it blew my mind. I could not wait to get them, my Mom gifted me a pack of the "Earth Tones" and "Pastel Tones" for me for Christmas last year. For the first 10 minuets I hated them. But I didn't want my Christmas present to go to waste, so I practiced, and got a better understanding of how they worked.

Now I really love these Chameleon Markers and recommend them to anyone who is interested in coloring with alcohol based markers. Sure there is a bit of a learning curve but the company has gone out of their way to create resources that will help you learn how to use their product. And once you get the hang of it you wont be able to put them down.

If you want to bring life and depth to your art, stamping, greeting cards, or journaling grab yourself some Chameleon Pens