You MUST Organize Your Craft Supplies

I cannot stress enough how important it is to organize your craft supplies!

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Here's 5 reasons you should organize your stash

  1. Saves you money (No more re-purchasing craft supplies you "know you have".. but can't find)
  2. Saves you time (You wont waste time looking for stuff if everything has its place)
  3. Saves you frustration (Nothing is more annoying than not being able to find what you need)
  4. Use your brain power for creativity instead of trying to remember the last place you had your shit
  5. Peace of mind- when everything is clean and organized your brain works better! Cluttered space = cluttered mind


Being organized is good for your sanity, makes crafting more enjoyable, saves you time, and saves you money. 

Anyways.. that's my little rant on being organized, and btw I am in NO way perfect myself!

But I'm making an effort to have my crafting room with all my tools and supplies organized most of the time... big emphasis on most of the time.. 

To make organization easier you need some storage products so I've searched the Amazon to find you those items

**DISCLOSURE** All the product below are Amazon Affiliate links, meaning if you purchase these products through my links I get a small, so very small piece of the pie.
But I'm not being all spamy about it, these products will help you be more organized and are high quality, I even own some of them myself!

Alright with that out of the way let's look at some wonderful products in all different sizes that will help you keep your craft supplies in order


These fishing tackle like boxes are perfect to organize your smaller craft supplies if you're into making jewelry, art, sewing or needle point then get one of these.  

*BONUS* They are also portable so you can create almost anywhere like the beach or your friend's house.

*DOUBLE BONUS* These containers are also perfect for taking to craft fairs, fill them with all the little bits and bobs you'll need to kick ass and make sales.

Are you laughing because you couldn't fit half your craft supplies in a medium sized plastic organizer?

How about a storage cart?


I wish buying craft supplies was an easy as keeping them organized! At least if you have one of these carts it'll be a little easier. I have a cart like the "Storage Studios Mobile Craft Cart" and it's wonderful! I bought some small plastic totes that fit in it to organize my paints, glues, brushes, pens and jewelry pliers. It holds a lot of my supplies and I can roll it around my craft room! 

Are you lucky enough to have a room or area of a room dedicated to crafting? 


When I bought a crafting desk a few years ago it changed my crafting life! No more crafting on the kitchen table or coffee table. I was always in the way and making my living space a mess. 

Then a year ago my wonderful boyfriend turned our very large walk in closet in our bedroom into a crafting room for me. I am so blessed to have a little crafting room, it's not much, nothing really fancy but it's my space and I LOVE IT. I have been able to produce more crafts, more easily in my room! My supplies have their own little space to hangout where I can always find them when I need them. 

Here's a peek at my craft room! This is where I do most of my work for my business and crafting. Like I said it's not much but I'm grateful for what I have, one day I'll have one of those beautiful craft rooms you see on Pinterest and drool over. 

I hope I've inspired you to get your crafting supplies in order or even create a little crafting space for yourself!

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