DIY Cannabis Nail Art the Marijuana Manicure

My boyfriend the other day showed me this Buzz Feed article about a woman using real cannabis to create nail art for her clients.

And I thought.. shit I can do that.. probably.  

Well you never know till you try.

Below is the result of my first attempt DIY of marijuana manicure. Not bad right?

Stoner DIY Weed Nail Art by Chronic Crafter
DIY Cannabis Nail Art the Marijuana Manicure

Want to know how I did it?

Supplies Include:

  1. Colored Nail Polish for a Base Coat
  2. Clear Nail Polish
  3. Cannabis Nugs if you're a MMJ user or live where it's legal for recreational use

Alternatively, you shouldn't break the law and you can use moss instead, I know it sounds weird but it kinda looks like cannabis too.. come to think of it, you could probably use oregano as well 


Prepare your herbs for application - there's a few ways to do this:

a) take your herbs that's been through your grinder and use that

b) gather some left over crumbs from your table or rolling tray if you don't want to "waste" it

c) pick off pieces to use directly from the bud


Flatten all the pieces you've collected to add to your nails. I used my pointer finger nail to flatten them but you could also use the back of a spoon or something.


Paint your nails in your colored base coat and then let your nails dry 


Apply some of the clear coat to one of nails and while it's still sticky start placing your herb onto your nail. You can do this using your fingers on your other hand or grab some tweezers.. that would probably be easiest. You have a few minute window to do this so don't dilly-dally.

The first clear top coat helps to make the herb stick to your nails, once the polish dries it's just holding the herb in place.


When you're done applying your herbs you need to apply another top coat to seal the deal.

To do this I made sure I had a big glob on the end of the nail polish brush then I dabbed that glob onto the middle of my nail and slowly started to move it around to cover the herb. You may need to add a few globs to cover it fully. Be careful while doing this because you don't want any piece of your herb to separate from the base coat of clear nail polish, ie don't drag your nail polish brush across your whole nail.


Relax and let your nail dry then repeat on the rest of your nails.

Pretty easy right? And pretty darn cute, I really like my marijuana manicure! 

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope I inspired you to do your nails, and be sure to subscribe for my weekly newsletter.

Much Love, Stay Crafty