Fun Times with Googly Eyes Crafts and DIYS

googly eyes crafts and fun


You're never too old to play with googly eyes! They are a simple object but when used can bring life to any object.

And if you think you're too old to find googly eyes fun and amusing then do yourself a favour and don't take yourself so seriously..

Googly eyes are good for laughs, crafts, and DIYs so let's look at some awesome ways they have been put to use.


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I think sticking googly eyes to inanimate objects to give them life is my fave use for googly eyes. Apparently other people do too because there is this thing call "Eye Bombing" the act of "Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time" as defined by

Make your WORK more personable with googly eyes



You may spend more time with these inanimate objects then real people. So make them a little bit more personable and turn them into your friends.

It's true- Everything looks better with googly eyes



Or you can just stick them over the images of things that already have eyes, like people or animals

Good places to add googly eyes include:

  • Framed Pictures
  • Books
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Movie Covers

If you aren't laughing yet I think you should go to the Dr. and get your funny bone checked.


I'm not sure if crafts or laughs was the intended purpose for the googly eyes when they were invented.

All I could find out from the internet was that this guy wrote a comic book in which the characters had googly looking eyes and he might have created the plastic googly eyes that we are talking about today. Learn more about the googly eye inventor here 

What Crafts and DIYS Can You Do With Googly Eyes?

The most obvious use is to give eyes to things that don't have eyes yet like pom pom animals, or painted rock monsters. There's probably over one million ways to use googly eyes in crafting but let's look at the best ones.

Turn googly eyes into push pins or magnets for an easy DIY and laughs!



Glue them to your fashion accessories and you'll catch someone's eye 

IMAGE: Pinterest

IMAGE: Pinterest

Or glue them all over your face and people wont be able to take their eyes off you

IMAGE: TrendHunter

IMAGE: TrendHunter

And of course the googly eyes help create some eye catching Halloween decorations





Just search "Googly eye crafts" on Pinterest and you'll find lots of crafting idea.

But How do I stick googly eyes to things?

You might be asking. If you want to have fun or craft with googly eyes too, I've found some good deals on Amazon *Disclosure- I am an Amazon Affiliate*

You can buy googly eyes with adhesive already stuck to the back

Or buy "glue dots" and create your own sticky eyes

I've also used crafting glue to attach them to things like this wood skull

wood skull with googly eyes

What fun! I hope I've inspired you to have some fun with googly eyes! Now go forth and humanize the world and add eyes to anything and everything. 

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