Hemp Wick Dispenser DIY


When medicating with a pipe or bong if you hold the lighter on the bud for a long amount of time there's a chance your inhaling a small amount of lighter butane. Lighters also alter the taste of your medicine.

So by ditchin' the bic and using a hemp wick you are burning your herbs in the most healthy and flavourful way ! 

Here's an easy DIY to make your own hemp wick holder.

You'll need:

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Wood Bobbin
  3. Alligator Clip
  4. Metal Jewelry Wire 
  5. Needle Nose Pliers & Wire Cutteres
  6. Piece of Masking Tape
  7. Hemp Wick

You can find all these items these items at a craft store except for hemp wick you should be able to find that at your local head shop or an online head shop. I used Raw brand hemp wick but rumour has it that Humboldt Hemp Wick is the best around for flavour saver. 


First take your bobbin, rip off a piece masking tape and use it to cover the hole that will be the bottom of your dispenser.

Then take your metal wire and cut it to length, about 1 - 1.5 inches. Place the wire on the back side of the alligator clip in the middle between the metal flaps. Now you will use the needle nose pliers to push down the flaps to hold the alligator clip in place on the wire.

Next you need to stick the metal wire with the alligator clip attached in the hole, fill the hole with hot glue then hold the wire in place till the glue solidifies 

We are done constructing the device now to attach the hemp wick!

The wick will be wrapped around the spool so to wrap it evenly start at the bottom and wrap it around the spool until your at the top of spool then reverse the process working your way back down to the bottom of the spool continue that until it's full then clip the wick.

Set your hemp wick into your alligator clip then your good to go!

To use it you light the end of the hemp wick with a lighter then use the flame to light up your bowl. 

When you're done using the hemp wick flick your wrist hard to create wind that will put out the flame, blow on it like a candle wick or stick the flame in the ash of your ash tray to extinguish it. If the flame is out but theres still a red ember you can get you pointer and thumb we and place the hemp wick between your fingers

*SAFETY PROCAUTION* Make sure the wick is totally extinguished

before setting it down

If you'd like to see how I made the hemp wick dispenser in video form check out my Youtube video below

Thanks for reading this week's blog, I hope I inspired you to make your own hemp wick lighter holder. If you make one I'd love to see it, share it with me on Facebook or on Instagram by using the hashtag #CannabisMakesMeCrafty