9 Stoner Activity Books To Do When You're High and Bored

Don't get me wrong cell phones are a great source of entertainment.

BUT it's good to look away from the screen.

So when you're stoned and don't know what to do kill your boredom with stoner activity books

The High Times Pot Smoker's Activity Book is sure to entertain you when you're high

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The High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook has 420 ideas to do when you're stoned

Or how about the cannabis themed coloring, Color Me Cannabis

90's kids, remember scratch books? Yeah, they were awesome and now there's a cannabis themed SCRATCH BOOK.

Want something less creative and more "logical"? Then there's the Stoner Puzzle Book

Have some laughs with Snoop Dogg Mad Libs

Record your highs in the "How High Am I" journal. Keep track of how you are feeling, things that you remember, things that you think you might forget or write down your genius ideas.

Want a blank page to write on? Grab this hemp journal COVERED with pot leaves 

Who can say no to Weed scratch and sniff?!

I hope these books help kill your stoned boredom