The Essentials for Your Stoner Kit DIY

The Essentials for Your Stoner Kit DIY

High there my fellow Stoner, Toker, Reefer, Chronic, Cannabis Connoisseur! Or if you're a beginner cannabis user or medical marijuana user, high to you too! 

No matter what kind of cannabis consumer you identify yourself as, it's important to have your cannabis and tools in a organized and secure manner. That's why I suggest everyone set up their own cannabis kit.

It's a "dope" way (pardon the pun) to keep all your stoney stuff together, so I'm going to show you how to put together your own stoner kit. What you could put it in and what are the essentials that need to be in your stoner kit.

A few things to consider when putting together your kit

  • Does it need to be portable?
  • Does it need to be indiscreet?
  • What tools do you use most often?
  • Where will you keep it?
  • How big will you need it to be?
  • Should it be smell proof?
Things to put in your stoner kit

Also consider what type of smoker are you?

Are you into pipes, joints, blunts dabs, vapes? Depending on how you perfer to medicate, that will help you decide what makes the cut for your kit, 'cause you can't fit everything.. well I guess you could if you had a really big box or cabinet.. 

Once you've answered these questions you'll have a better idea of what your smoking kit will include so it's time to start putting together your kit!

First you need a really awesome container to put everything in.

Here's a few of the stash containers I own

If you haven't noticed I kinda have a thing for stash containers..

Tin and wood boxes are the most popular stash boxes.

But both have their pros and cons so let's talk about that to help you decide which works best for you

Tin Boxes

Pros: Lots of variety in shapes and sizes, easy to clean, small tins are good for on the go toker kit, cheap

Cons: Generally not smell proof or water proof, can dent if dropped

Wood Boxes:

Pros: Discreet (blends in with home decor), May have a lock/latch on it already or you can attach one, Boxes come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs

Cons: Not very portable, wood absorbs odor

There are also companies out there that make stash boxes or bags specifically for the purpose of organizing your stash check out

Alright, now that we have DECIDED ON our VESSEL it's time to talk about what's going to go in it!

We are going to break this down into two styles of kits, a small travel kit (on the go) and home kit (to keep at home)

Travel Kit

  • Container for everything to go in
  • Rolling Papers
  • Rolling Tips (If you use them)
  • Lighter
  • Mini Pipe or One Hitter
  • Smell Proof Baggie or Doob Tube
  • Grinder Card (Optional but handy)

Another awesome product for an the go kit is the Medtainer, it's both storage and a grinder and it's smell proof. You can easily fit your bud, a small one hitter, or papers inside the storage area. When you are ready to grind place the bud in the bottom section of the Medtainer and twist!

Home Kit

  • Container for everything to go in
  • Rolling Papers (or Blunts)
  • Rolling Tips 
  • Lighter(s)
  • Roach Clip
  • Pokey Tool
  • Storage Jar (A plain mason jar will do or you can buy jars with images on them I love 420 Science stash jars)
  • Pipe
  • Dabber
  • Small Silicone Mat
  • Silicone Container

Other Items to Have in Your "Stoner" Arsenal 

  • Rolling Tray
  • Ashtray 
  • Hemp wick 
  • Boveda Packs
  • 420 Wipes
  • Grinder Brush
  • Extra Screens
  • Visine
  • Mints, Gum or Cotton Mouth Candies (reduces dry mouth)

Here's my medicating kit, it's so handy having a place where all your supplies hangout when you're not using them. It also keeps all your stuff out of sight, away from non stoney eyes.

Have a closer look at what's in my kit in my Youtube video

Thanks for joining me for this week's blog post! I hope it helped you plan out your cannakit.

Did I not mention something that You WOULD PUT IN YOUR KIT?

Let me know by leaving a comment below