Buddie Burner's Munchie Madness!!! The Bowl That's Also A Pipe

Potheads have the best ideas! Our creativity knows no bounds, and here's another thing to prove it.

IT'S A cereal bowl that's also a pipe!

Made by Buddie Burner's the concept is somewhat simple but the results are amazing. 

Buddie Burners Munchie Madness Pipe Bowl
  1. Fill Bowl with cereal, ice cream, pasta, yogurt or other bowl friendly foods

  2. Get high with bowl

  3. Eat from bowl

  4. Repeat

Pipe Bowl by Buddie Burnerns
The Smokeable Cereal Bowl

As you can see the cavity underneath the bowl is where the smoke fills. One side of the bowl has your weed bowl and the other side has the mouth piece

The basic Munchie Maddness bowl is going to set you back $119.00 but you also get some pretty rad accessories including the "Stack a bowl" below which helps you smoke three bowls at once, a standard bowl, and a surprise munchie snack to get you started.

If you're more into dabbing there are also bangers available on their website that work with the bowl

There's also a deluxe package for the Munchie Madness bowl that has

  • free international shipping
  • still includes the two bowls mentioned above
  • you can choose your own custom text ingraving up to 15 characters
  • Munchie snack
  • Some slaps
  • an Oopsie Card**

***WTF is an Oopsie card? If (when)  you break your bowl then just ship it to Buddie Burner's along with $10 and they will send you a replacement! Isn't that amazing?!?!

Are you ready to see it in action?

This bowl pipe from Buddie Burner's is PERFECT for morning wake and bakes. Throw some cereal in the bowl, weed in the other and you're good to go.

Meet the Hexagon, a Stylish Ceramic Bong by Brnt


I've had a thing for ceramic bongs lately but a lot of ceramic smoking pieces I've seen still have a traditional glass shape. Then I saw the Hexagon from Brnt! 

The Hexagon from Brnt

This has to be the most unique ceramic bong that I've seen yet.

How It's Made

Brnt utilizes the magic of 3-D printing to create a mold that helps them cast these innovative smoking pieces from ceramic.  

They are handmade in the United States and Canadas. You can learn more about the boys behind Brnt in Leafly's article

Design and Function

This bong was designed to look modern, minimal and well like a piece of art. 

Hexagon Ceramic Bong from Brnt Designs

But not only does it look good, it smokes good too. It was professionally engineered leveraging air flow dynamics aka "science" for a perfect hit all the time.

Dish washer friendly?

Call me lazy but I've always dreamed of bong I could throw in the dish washer and Brnt claims that their bong is dish washer friendly. 

Throw it in the freezer

Not only can this bong handle the heat of a dish washer but also the cold of a freezer. It will give you icy cool tokes that make smoking it that much more enjoyable. 

Drop resistant?

Are you a bit clumsy and break your glass bongs? Well then this bong might be a perfect fit it for you since ceramic is more durable than glass.


Brnt Hexagon Bong


Brnt has now launched their crowdfunding campaign click the button below to grab yours today. Also use my code to save $10 and you get free shipping! 

I've already ordered mine! In my quest to collect only the coolest and most unique smoking pieces the Hexagon HAD to be in my collection.

Review of My 3-D Printed Bong from Lifted Innovations

Review of My 3-D Printed Bong from Lifted Innovations

I LOVE creative smoking pieces, SO obviously after seeing that 3-D printed bongs were a thing I had to have one in my collection.

If you have a 3-D printer there are files on the internet for printing your own. But I don't have a printer so I decided to go with one that is pre printed for me by Lifted Innovations.

This blog post is a review of my new 3-D printed bong

Also I'm going to talk about cleaning it and the safety of using it.


Building the Bong

On Lifted Innovation's website you can easily choose your own pieces and colors! It's easy to do, the only hard part is choosing which pieces in what colors, there are SO many choices!

Here's the bong that I designed

Review of My 3-D Printed Bong from Lifted Innovations
Building+My+Own+3-D+Printed+Bong+with+Lifted+Innovations (1).png

If you would like to read my original blog post in which I design the bong on their website click here , if not then just keep on reading.


After purchasing the bong, it took a few days for the bong to be printed. I received an email confirmation when it was done being created.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.22.51 AM.png

 A second email came through shortly after saying it had shipped and I was given a tracking number. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.24.46 AM.png


The bong was packaged in a UPS box, so it looked discreet. The only clue to its contents was in the customs declaration that said "Smoking Pieces" but if you're ordering within the US I don't think the contents need to be disclosed. 

Upon opening the box it was nicely bubble wrapped and protected. I was surprised how small the box was upon receiving it and when I opened the box I understood why, it came un assembled.

But it was really easy to screw it all together, I just needed to be a little careful keeping the threading in line.

Oh yeah and there was also a glass bowl and sticker included.

Here it is all put together

Looks pretty awesome right?


Review of My 3-D Printed Bong from Lifted Innovations

The white turns to a pinkish purple in the sun! It's UV reactive.


The bong has a built in down stem that has holes at the bottom of it for diffusion. The bong is pretty easy to take a pull through and there is enough diffusion to soften the toke but she is a chugger. 


I decided to build a relatively small bong since they are easier to smoke. But you can build a bong with multiple pieces and make it pretty big.



Is it safe?

All of Lifted Innovation's 3-D printed pipes are made from PLA plastic which is a plant based plastic and non-toxic. Heat needs to be kept away from the piece including hot water which could soften the plastic and distort it. 

The plant based plastic had a very slight smell when I first got it but it's not unpleasant and it didn't alter the taste of my herb. 


I think keeping this bong clean is very important since its made with a type of plastic.

Here are the cleaning instructions on Lifted Innovation's website:

"We have found that the BEST possible solution to clean the pipes is with salt, warm water, and isopropyl alcohol. Pour salt directly into the pipe, add some warm water (not hot water), add some isopropyl alcohol and shake vigorously. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as many times as necessary. Do not ever put it in the dishwasher, not even the top shelf! Avoid using super hot water as the super hot water may warp the pipe"

I have used this method to clean my bong and it works well. It's also nice that all the pieces come apart so that makes it easier to do a deep clean if needed with a soft bristle scrubber.

To be truthful I'm a tiny bit paranoid about anything plastic. Even though its made from a non toxic plastic I wont be treating it like I do my glass water pipes. 

Here is how I am going to treat this bong to ensure my safety and preservation of my bong

  1. Clean it after every session using a low % ISO salt and warm water as recommended on Lifted Innovation's website
  2. Avoid leaving water in the bong for extended periods of time- even if its clean water
  3. Store it out of direct sunlight
  4. Avoid contact with heat

Overall I think

This bong is so cool and its a sweet novelty piece to have in my collection. I wont use it as my "daily driver" but even if I don't use it everyday, it still looks cool sitting on my shelf.

If you're into 3-D printing or looking for a unique piece to bust out and impress your friends I highly suggest grabbing a smoking piece from Lifted Innovations 


Thanks for checking out my review of my 3-D printed bong from Lifted Innovations

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below

My Cheech Glass Plasma Bong

Today I am going to show you my most prized possession - my plasma bong created by Cheech Glass!

I know it doesn't look like any special

UNTIL you turn it on. 

Pictures don't really do it justice

so watch the video below

Pretty amazing, right? 😍

Thanks for joining me today to see the coolest bong that I have my in collection.