DaVinci's Vaporizer the Miqro Review

Today I’m going to share with you my newest vaporizer, the Miqro from Davinci Vaporizers.

You can watch the video below for a full unboxing and review or just keep reading to find out a bit more about DaVinci’s newest herbal vaporizer.


The edition that I have is the “Explorer Edition” which retails at $265 CAD or $199 if you’re in the US. There is a “Standard Edition” that retails for $50 less but it doesn’t come will all the awesome accessories that the Explorer Edition does. In my opinion it’s totally worth it to spend the extra little bit of money to get an extra battery, silicone sleeve, travel case and more.

All the accessories that come with the Explorer Edition above

The Micro is DaVinci’s newest vaporizer, 33% smaller than the IQ, their previous model, it’s almost the same size of Bic lighter!

Size Comparison of a Bic Lighter to DaVinci's Miqro Vaporizer


The Miqro is meant for a lighter cannabis user, like someone who is new to using cannabis therefore have a low tolerance or someone who enjoys micro dosing cannabis.

It doesn’t produce a really heavy vapor compared to the larger and more powerful IQ. But I can see a lot of people liking this vaporizer over other herbal vaporizers because the taste is pure and the size makes it super portable and discreet.


I love the construction and feel of the device, it’s sturdy and solid but not too heavy. It looks beautiful and comes in a variety of colors. The bowl and vaporizer pathway are zirconium ceramic which makes the vapor super pure and gives you a great taste. The device is easy and enjoyable to use.


  • You can pack .25 to .1 of a gram of herb depending on your height of the oven pearl

  • 4 different heat settings aka “Smart Paths” as well as “Precision Mode” which holds its heat at one setting

  • About 40 seconds to heat up

  • Per battery you get about 30 mins use

  • Battery takes about 1.5 to to 2 hours to charge

  • Charges battery by USB micro cable that plugs into device

  • Battery is removable

  • 5 year warranty on device

In Conclusion

I really like this vape for a variety of reasons. I would totally recommend it if you’re looking for a personal vaporizer that’s perfect for on the go. 

Grab your Miqro today from Vapor Nation