Review of the Mason Jar Bong by Glass Lung (The Stoned Mason)

The Stoned Mason Jar Bong Review

Oh mason jars, is there anything you can’t do? You can be used in the kitchen and an endless amount of crafts and DIYS. 

Plus you can help get me high!

This blog post is a review of the mason jar bong by the Glass Lung aka the Stoned Mason.

What’s included:

Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Hookah Hose Mouth Piece

14mm Glass Bowl

Downstem / Perculator 

The stoned mason comes in two different sizes - (1/2 Quart and 1/2 Gallon) or you can just buy the hardware and use a wide mouth mason jar you already have at home.

If you want to see my review on YouTube

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Sure you could make your own mason jar bong, but it won't function as well as this one


The mason jar bong is really easy to use and assemble. The plastic percolator has 11 holes that provide an awesome amount of bubbles for a smooth hit.

It also has a few cool features like the magnet in the lid to hold your lighter or dabber (yes you can also it for dabbing) and I really like the fact you can decorate the mason jar for a custom water pipe!

If you're clumsy and break your smoking pieces then this bong might be perfect for you since if you break the mason jar you can just replace it with another standard wide mouth mason jar.

The only complaint I have is while the perculator bubbles wonderfully, its made of plastic so even though its non-toxic and safe to use it does have a bit of plastic smell. 


I recommend not letting your stoned mason get too dirty because of the plastic component but luckily it's easy and quick to clean so it's not a big deal.

To clean it you just have to screw off the lid and take out the downstream/perculator then use 91% ISO alcohol (or any glass cleaner) to clean the jar.

The perculator comes apart for easy cleaning but I wouldn't recommend using ISO on it in case it degrades the plastic. I just used warm water and a scrub brush.

To help keep your piece cleaner I suggest using a bowl with a screen so it stops a lot of the half-burnt plant material and ash from going inside the stoned mason.


I really like the look of the Stoned Mason but it can look even more awesome with a little DIY. Glass mason jars can be decorated in SO many ways and these decoration ideas can be applied to your mason jar bong.

A few ways to decorate your Stoned Mason include

  • Gluing rhinestones or flat back charms on it
  • Spray paint
  • Mod Podge with fabric, glitter, or paper

Check out my Pinterest board filled with ideas of how to decorate your mason jar bong

If you want to see how I decorated my Stoned Mason

then watch the video below

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