The Cutest Cannabis Accessories for Stoner Girls

If you're a female cannabis user then you know there is a lack of girly cannabis accessories on the market. Luckily this is slowly changing, I've searched the internet to find the best cannabis accessories for stoner girls.

In this blog post you are going to find feminine smoking pieces, tools, fashion, and more! Alright let's get into it

Crystal Pipe

Want to smoke out of something magical? Then grab one these beautiful crystal pipes

$18.99 on Amazon

Santa Cruz Shredder

Cheap silver grinders are so boring! Get a high quality grinder in your fave color, like purple or pink. 

My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase repurposes vases into smoking pieces. I just love how elegant and incognito they are! Truly a perfect piece for any lady cannabis user. 

Herbal Vape by Pax

A lot of herbal vaporizers are masculine looking and lack atheistic but not the Pax, it looks good and vapes even better!

Pax 2 Herbal Vape $199.99

Graphic Rolling Tray

Roll up your joints or blunts on one of these cute trays

Nail Crown by Cruz Culture

The Nail Crown is cute and useful! There's a dab edition that includes: 6 unique titanium tools with silicone handles, a container for storing your herbal concentrate, a stand for holding the titanium tools while using and so much more!

The flower edition includes: a silicone encased grinder, lighter holder, paper holder, containers, packing tools and more

Dab Edition $39.95 to $49.95 on Cruz Culture and Flower Edition $90 on Cruz Culture

Stash Jars

Don't leave your cannabis hanging out in a baggie or whatever you picked it up from the dispensary in, get yourself a storage jar for your stash that speaks to your personality. 

Both $18 from SmokiesTokeCouture on Etsy

Cannabis Jewelry on Etsy

Show your support of the cannabis movement and wear some weed! There are a lot of fashionable pieces out there created by artisans, go over to Etsy and support handmade

Cannabis Leaf Necklace by Smokies Toke Couture $28.95

Vape Pen by CloudV

Concentrate vape pens have come a long way in terms of design and CloudV makes some of the prettiest pens (that also work awesome), I love all the colors and designs they come in so you can pick one that matches your style.

$64.99 on CloudV Website

Cannabis Print Leggings

Leggings are the perfect apparel for chill stoney girls who want to be comfy, well why not wear some leggings with some 420 style? 

Glitter Pipe

These glitter pipe are dual purpose, first you can smoke from it then you can play with it. The glitter moves around freely in the liquid inside the pipe which is very captivating to look at (especially when you're lit) You can also put the pipe in the freezer for cool tokes. I kinda want one in every color.. 

$56.88 on Etsy

Smell Proof Purses from Annabis

If you're into being high and high fashion then these stylish, odour proof purses and bags from Annabis were made for you!

Smell Proof Clutch from Annabis $125

Ash tray

Don't ash in a plain glass ashtray, grab one that is stylish and matches your home decor. 

$13.59 on Amazon

If you're more into function then grab a silicone ashtray which is perfect for any lady cannabis user who prefers glass. The silicone makes it easy and safe to tap out bong bowls or pipe bowls plus there is handy little storage slots for your papers, tools, & bowls.

$16.99 on Amazon

Lipstick Lighter

Looking for a unique lighter? The lighter shaped like a lighter will be perfect for your stoner kit.

Dab Torch

Ladies dab too! Heat up your nail with a torch that's as pretty as the rig you dab on.

Newport Torch on Amazon $35.53

Glass Pad

Not only do these pads protect your glass from hard surfaces when you're placing it down but they look cool too. 

Silicone Containers

Silicone containers are the best for storing your concentrates but they don't have to be plain.

There you have it, some of my fave stoner accessories for the ladies, I hope you found something for yourself. 



Stoney Stocking Stuffers Christmas Gift Ideas

Stoner Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Need some ideas for stoner stocking stuffers?

Well then you're in the right place. 

But first you need the right stocking for stoney Christmas

Weed Leaf Covered Stocking $13.50

Okay, now here's some stuff to put in it

Hands Free Joint Holder 4 pack for $11.95

**FYI I am an Amazon Partner, meaning if you purchase an item through a link I receive a very small percentage at no cost to you. Thanks for helping support my blog ๐Ÿ’• Learn more here*

Zippo with Cannabis Leaf $16.00

Humboldt Hempwick 50 Feet for $6.44

Dope Soap on a Rope $10.99

I hope this gave you some ideas of what to put in your stoner's stocking this year.

Merry Kushmas โ›„๏ธ

Unique Stoner Gift Idea- Weed Stuff in a Stash Jar

Need a unique stoner gift idea?

Well, I have a good one for you!

Stuff a stash jar with cannabis accessories and tools!

Read this blog post to get a bunch of ideas to what to put inside a jar. 

But first, you need a Mason Jar or any type of stash container, like any of the ones below.

420 Science makes some awesome looking glass stash jars that feature different images on the front. 

You could also grab a metal stash container from C vault or a plastic container from Tight Vac. I own all three and love them all.

Unique Stoner Christmas Gift Idea: Weed Stuff in a Stash Jar

**FYI I am an Amazon Partner, meaning if you purchase an item through a link I receive a very small percentage at no cost to you. Thanks for helping support my blog ๐Ÿ’• Learn more here*

The bigger the jar the more stuff you'll be able to fit inside, so keep that in mind. 

Now that you have your container picked out here's a bunch of ideas of what you can put inside!

Rolling Papers

Glass or Paper Rolling Tips

Glass Screens for Bowls


Multi Purpose Lighter Sleeve

Cotton Mouth Candies or Their Fave Munchies

Blunts Wraps

Humidity Packs

Bong Bowl

Silicone Dab Container

Doob Tube

Dab Tool


Roach Clip or Joint Holder

Pokey Tool


Glass One Hitter






Grinder Card

Stoner Gadgets

Other Ideas:

  • Carb Cap

  • Banger Hanger

  • Glass Pendy

  • Roling Machine

  • Lip Balm

  • Gift Certificate

  • Pre Rolled Joints

  • Variety Pack of Nugs

  • Dabs

Don't want to take the time picking out individual items to put in the stash jar?

Here are some kits on Amazon pre-assembled

I hope this blog post helped inspire you to give a stuffed stash jar for your fave stoner as a gift

If you're going to put something in your gift jar that I didn't mention then leave a comment below.


Amazing Cannabis Related Gifts Any Stoner Will Love Available on Amazon

Looking for a gift for your faveorite pot head?

If you aren't sure what to get them then check out these amazing cannabis related gifts guide that features stuff any stoner will love

Click any of the PICTURES to go to Amazon's website and purchase

Do they enjoy a morning wake and bake? Then get them the perfect mug!

The 2017 Stoner Christmas Gift Guide

**FYI I am an Amazon Partner, meaning if you purchase an item through a link I receive a very small percentage at no cost to you. Thanks for helping support my blog ๐Ÿ’• Learn more here*

All potheads enjoy something different so grab them a pack of unique rolling papers

Are they a creative type of stoner? How about a coloring book, DIY bong book or some hemp twine

Do they like edibles? The Magical Butter Machine makes edibles easy

Magical Butter Maker $132.01

Here are some other cool cannabis themed baking supplies

No stoner can resist a handy stoner gadget

Rolling trays are a perfect gift for joint and blunt rollers

What about a new ash tray

Grab them a stash box or bag that matches thier style

Clean glass is happy glass, if they often have a dirty bong or pipe then glass cleaning supplies are a perfect stoner gift.

Do they love to dab? Get them a dab pad, new torch or some silicone containers

These pillows are awesome and make for some perfect stoney home decor

If they REALLY love cannabis then they will love some weedy wall art.

Is your cannabis consumer well read? Then grab them a book about their fave plant.

Or you can get a toy for their fubaby check out these stoney dog toys

It's amazing all the stoner stuff there is on Amazon. Hope your stoner loves whatever you get them for this Kushmas!