420 Party Decorations & Fun Ideas for the Stoner Holiday

In this blog post, I am going to show you some awesome 420 stoney party decorations and a bunch of fun ideas of things to do at your 4/20 party with your buds.

How to Throw the Perfect 420 Party: Stoner Decorations, Food and Fun Ideas


First off, a party isn't a party without some decorations so grab these weed themed decorations (all of them on available on Amazon)

Other Decorations


Let's face it.. you're going to need munchies.. lots and lots of munchies.

Why not have a "Potluck" with friends and have each person bring a snack or appetizer to share with everyone else.

Some munchie ideas:

If you need recipes then head over to Pinterest, it is a treasure trove of food ideas for parties

Decorations for Edibles

If you're going to have edibles available at your 4/20 party then you're going to want to make sure that they stand out from the regular food.. You don't want anyone binging on edibles and thinking they are "normal" food.

Want More Stoney Food Decoration Ideas?


Alright, the house is now looking stoney, food is taken care of so its time for some dope party ideas.

Rolling/Dab/Bong Station

Set up a little smoke station, a place where your buds can roll up, dab, or hit the bong.

Some things to include:

  • Rolling tray
  • Papers and/or Blunts
  • Grinder
  • Bong(s)
  • Dab Rig(s) 
  • E Nail or Nector Collector 
  • Dabbing Tools
  • Silicone Mat
  • Ashtray
  • Pokey Tools
  • Lots of Lighters


A party also isn't a party with out a Pinata!

    Grab a cannabis themed one and fill it with:

    Just be careful where you set the pinata up and make sure no one is in the way when you're trying to break it open


    Take some group shots or selfies in a "photo booth". It'll be fun to do and afterward, you'll have a bunch of great pictures to remember 4/20 & they will make a perfect Instagram posts

    Here's what you'll need

    A Background

    Photo Props

    Here are some some props to use in the photos

    A Selife Stick or Tripod 

    I know selfie sticks are lame but they will make it a lot easier to take photos

    Tripod and Selfie Stick $21.99

    Also make sure there is some good lighting, you can set the photo booth up near a window or grab a couple lamps from around your house to help light it up.



    There are suprisingly a lot of weed themed card and board games out there, here are a few that would be a lot of fun to play on 4/20

    You Can Find More Stoney Games on Amazon

    Art or Crafts

    If you and your friends are the creative types then consider doing some arts and crafts!

    Decorate stash jars or customize lighters. If you need some inspiration (and directions) then check out my Youtube channel or my blog posts

    If you want to do something arty then grab my stoner coloring book! You can download a digital copy of my coloring book (Color Me Cannabis) in my Etsy store and then you and your buds will have 40 fun pages to color and draw on together. You can use pencil crayons, markers, crayons or gels pens to color the pages.

    You could also grab some canvases, paints, and brushes to create your own master pieces 

    Canvas Art Set $12.96


    Are you and your friends a bit competitive? Then consider having some fun stoney contests

    Here are some contest ideas:

    • Blindfolded Joint Rolling
    • Who Can Roll the Fastest
    • Biggest Dab
    • Best DIY Pipe 
    • Weed Roulette 

    Food Pipes

    I think fruit and vegetable food pipes are SO much fun to make and smoke out of

    You can make food pipes out of:

    • Apples
    • Carrots
    • Bananas
    • Watermelons
    • Peppers
    • Oranges
    • Cucumber
    • And more just take a trip down the grocery store aisle and use your imagination
    420 Party for Stoners Idea Food Pipes

    All the "tools" you need to make a food pipe can be found in your kitchen

    Stoner Movie Night

    How to Throw the Perfect 420 Party

    Want something a little less active and a bit more chill? Then just watch a classic stoner movie (or two) with your buds. 

    Some classic stoner movies include:

    • Cheech and Chong
    • Pineapple Express
    • Half Baked
    • How High
    • Super Troopers
    • Harold and Kumar

    and there are MANY, MANY, MANY more - just Google "Stoner Movies" and you'll find a ton more to watch

    Okay I think that covers it.. well of course don't forget to go to a dispensary and pick up enough bud, concentrates, edibles or whatever your little stoney heart desires.

    I hope I've helped you plan the perfect 4/20 Party for you and your stoner circle.

    Have yourself a highly enjoyable 4/20

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    Confessions of a Lazy Stoner and How I Turned it Around

    High, my name is Sara and I'm a recovering lazy stoner.

    In this blog post I'm going to talk about how being lazy affected my life and the tips, tricks and systems I put in place to combat my laziness.

    First here's a bit of my background -I started using cannabis regularly when I was 19 years old, I had been on anti-depressants for almost a year prior and they weren't making me feel any better so I kicked the pills and replaced them with pot. 

    Replacing pills with cannabis was definitely the best thing for me. But there was one side effect (other than happiness) - laziness. Now I am going to say I was kinda naturally lazy before this anyways so I can't blame it entirely on the cannabis but using cannabis exacerbated my situation


    My Confession: I was a lazy, stoner sloth

    Here's how my laziness affected my life:

    • Days spent on couch mindlessly surfing the internet
    • Undone house work (piles of laundry, dishes, general clutter)
    • Eating out ALOT because I hadn't gone grocery shopping and take out food sounded SO much better
    • Weight gain from eating too much take out food, not enough exercise, and MAD late night munchies
    • Less time spent with friends and family because I was too lazy to leave my comfy couch. 

    Can you relate to any of these things? 

    For more years than I care to admit this was my reality, just my way of life. Some weeks and months were better than others but overall I wasn't living up to my potential.

    Turning 25 was a kick in the butt it's one of those "milestones". I was half way through my 20's and 30 was just around the corner. I knew I had to start making some changes. 

    I took a long, hard look at myself and my life and assessed the situation. Obviously, this was hard af because just like everyone else I didn't want to look at my faults. But I needed to get real with myself. 

    I was consuming a lot of cannabis and doing nothing. I didn't want to stop using cannabis because it did have its benefits for me, so I thought I should work with my plant medicine to improve my life in all aspects. So here are a few thing I did to turn it all around: 

    *Disclaimer: Everyone is different and you might not have the same problems that I was having or even agree and that's totally fine but this is my own experience

    I needed to set myself up for success,

    it Wasn't going to just magically happen.. 

    1. Drawing the line between medication and recreation

     I use cannabis medically and I am still medicating no matter what time of day it is if I NEED it.

    So I looked at the times of day that I was getting stoned recreationally and it was impeding with my productivity. For me it was wake and bakes and bong tokes before bed (I don't need cannabis to help me sleep).

    I decided wake and bakes are for weekends and I can't sit on the couch afterwards, I gotta get up and start moving. I also completely stopped having bong tokes within an hour of bedtime.

    2. I should have a plan then get high

    It was SO easy for me to get high and do nothing because I didn't know what to do or where to start.

    In middle school, high school and college I LOVED using a day planner but when I finished school I stopped using one. Getting back into the habit of using a day planner and to do list has helped me immensely with productivity.

    i've gone through a few styles of planners but right now i am using the panda planner. I love it- check it out

    3. I adjusted how much I consumed and how I consumed it

    My method of consuming cannabis was also impacting my productivity. I would get hella lazy off a few bong hits of some heavy hitting Indica.

    During the day I don't consume much and when I do I use a vaporizer (flower or concentrates) or small amounts of Sativas. At night I still have my Indica bong tokes (but I reduced the size of my bowls), also edibles and dabs on my rig are saved for night time. 

     If you're having issues with productivity and cannabis use hopefully these few changes I've made can help you too.

    Cannabis is an amazing plant that has SO many benefits and it doesn't turn everyone into a lazy lump (despite what some people say)

    If you're one of those people who can blaze hard from sun up to sun down and get all your shit done then fuck yeah *high five*. I know some very high functioning "stoners" and I know some true lazy ass stoners who would probably still be lazy without the pot. 

    Lazy + Sober = Lazy

    Lazy + Stoner = Still Lazy

    Thanks for reading this blog post, I would love to hear some feedback or your opinion so please leave a comment below.




    29 Things I've Learned by my 29th Birthday

    It has been 29 years to the day that I was born, here I am fresh out my Mom's womb.

    Laying there probably thinking wth am I? What am I doing here? Where is here? What's going on?

     Or maybe I'm just wondering what's that squishy thing in my diaper. 

    Either way, don't worry Sara, you'll figure that out all in good time.

    Birthdays are always a time of reflection. This year I am 29 years old. 10 years ago I was 19 years old which I consider the age that I really started "life". 

    So if 29 year old Sara could hit up 19 year old Sara in a email here are 29 things I would tell myself.

    1. You feel like shit because you're treating yourself like shit. 
    2. Happiness is not something you magically find, it's something you create. I know it sounds cliche and lame but it's true.
    3. Self-awareness is EVERYTHING, don't ignore who you are
    4. Be who you really are, embrace it fully 
    5. There's no such thing as being an "adult" and having it all figured out.
    6. You're going to feel better at 29 than at 19- if you take care of yourself age really is just a number
    7. Start making goals and working on self improvement asap
    8. Love yourself
    9. 30 is not "old" 40 is not "old" 50 is not "old". You're not really "old" until you see yourself as old. 
    10. Travel more in your 20's. Save the money, plan it and just fucking do it.
    11. Invest in Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Bit Coin
    12. Stop being such a picky freaking eater
    13. The sooner you stop smoking cigarettes, drinking and partying the better
    14.  Just because you always have good intentions doesn't mean other people do too
    15. Don't take yourself too seriously
    16. Do what is going to make you happy, not your parents
    17. Spend more time with your loved ones
    18. It's safe to let people in and love them
    19. Yeah your 19 but you still don't know shit and will NEVER know all
    20. Be patient, life is a marathon.. not a sprint
    21. It is okay to fail, its okay to not be perfect, its okay 
    22. Just because you have the best intentions doesn't mean they do too. 
    23. Once you stop looking for a boyfriend, learn to love yourself and be okay with being alone he's going to come along.
    24. Shitty shit has happened to you in the past and it's going to happen to you in the future. The only thing you can control is how you react to it and what you learn from it. 
    25. Get rid of your limiting beliefs, you really can create your own reality. 
    26. People are mean and nasty because of problems they have with themselves. Hurt people hurt people. Loved people love people. 
    27. Just because they love you doesn't mean they won't drag you down.
    28. Don't be a lazy stoner
    29. One day you'll look back and it will all make sense.

    I would tell you more but that would ruin the fun, so we will just leave it at that


    I love you, you've got this

    -29 year old Sara

    Thanks for joining me in this period of reflection. I hope there was a golden nugget or two in there that helped you. I love you too, and you've got this

    - Sara