Unique Stoner Gift Idea- Weed Stuff in a Stash Jar

Need a unique stoner gift idea?

Well, I have a good one for you!

Stuff a stash jar with cannabis accessories and tools!

Read this blog post to get a bunch of ideas to what to put inside a jar. 

But first, you need a Mason Jar or any type of stash container, like any of the ones below.

420 Science makes some awesome looking glass stash jars that feature different images on the front. 

You could also grab a metal stash container from C vault or a plastic container from Tight Vac. I own all three and love them all.

Unique Stoner Christmas Gift Idea: Weed Stuff in a Stash Jar

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The bigger the jar the more stuff you'll be able to fit inside, so keep that in mind. 

Now that you have your container picked out here's a bunch of ideas of what you can put inside!

Rolling Papers

Glass or Paper Rolling Tips

Glass Screens for Bowls


Multi Purpose Lighter Sleeve

Cotton Mouth Candies or Their Fave Munchies

Blunts Wraps

Humidity Packs

Bong Bowl

Silicone Dab Container

Doob Tube

Dab Tool


Roach Clip or Joint Holder

Pokey Tool


Glass One Hitter






Grinder Card

Stoner Gadgets

Other Ideas:

  • Carb Cap

  • Banger Hanger

  • Glass Pendy

  • Roling Machine

  • Lip Balm

  • Gift Certificate

  • Pre Rolled Joints

  • Variety Pack of Nugs

  • Dabs

Don't want to take the time picking out individual items to put in the stash jar?

Here are some kits on Amazon pre-assembled

I hope this blog post helped inspire you to give a stuffed stash jar for your fave stoner as a gift

If you're going to put something in your gift jar that I didn't mention then leave a comment below.