Limiting Beliefs are KILLING your Creativity

Limiting Beliefs are KILLING your Creativity

Do you think you can't draw, paint, sculpt, write or make anything?

That my friend is a limit belief, something you've told yourself so many times it becomes true.

Well, it isn't really true but you've convinced yourself it is.. so it has become true.

Have you heard the phrase "Whether you think you can or you can't - you're right" YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING IF YOU THINK YOU CAN'T DO IT!

So how does this relate back to creativity? Have you ever listened to the thoughts in your head when you're crafting or making something?

Here's some of the thoughts I've heard before and I'm pretty sure you have too

  • " I have no idea what I'm doing "
  • " This looks terrible "
  • " I can't do this and I'll never figure it out "
  • " I'll never learn how to ______ "
  • " This is too hard "
  • "His/Hers always looks better than mine"

Pretty negative, hey? How can you expect yourself to create when you're telling yourself you can't do it?

Here are some good thoughts to replace those shitty ones

  • " I am figuring this out"
  • " What can I do to improve the look of this?"
  • " I can do this "
  • " I am learning from my mistakes " 
  • " I am trying my best and that is good enough "

Don't these positive statements feel a lot better to say? You need to empower yourself and believe you can do it!  

Limiting beliefs block the growth mindset, your limiting beliefs hold you back! You'll never grow if you are cock blocking yourself with negative thoughts. 

So next time you feel inspired to create something listen to the voice inside your head. What is it saying? If it's negative then re-frame it into something positive and be easy on yourself! Don't give up, just keep crafting