How to Make Hemp Wick Dispensers with Items in your Smoker's Kit or House

In this blog post I'm going to show you easy ways to make a DIY hemp wick holder with items in your smoking (stoner) kit or house.

How to Make Hemp Wick Dispensers DIY for your Stoner Kit
DIY Hemp Wick Dispenser

Using a hemp wick makes smoking a bowl much more enjoyable. Myself and LOTS of other cannabis users agree.

Why use hemp wick?

  • Better taste
  • Easier on your lungs
  • Lighters will last longer
  • More control over the flame

So let me show you how to make some hemp wick holders using items that you probably already have


Doob Tube and a Nail

(not a dabbing nail but like building nail or something sharp)

Doob Tube Hemp Wick Holder and Dispenser DIY

Take your lid off your doob tube and pierce a hole with your nail (or whatever sharp object you have) in the middle of the lid. Make sure your hole is big enough for the wick to go through.

After you’ve created your hole take a (clean) pen or pencil and loosely wrap your hemp twine about the length of your doob tube.

Then put your pen inside your doob tube and slide off the hemp wick all that's left to do is stick the wick through the hole and put the cap back on.

Silicone Dab Container and Exacto Knife

Silicone Dab Container Turned into a Hemp Wick Dispenser DIY

Using your exacto knife cut out a small hole in the middle of the lid of your dab container.

Roll your hemp twine into a circle that will fit inside your dab container and once your container is full of hemp wick then stick the wick through the hole and put your lid back on.

Small Glass Jars

(preferably with a metal lid) and Nail or Something with a Sharp Point

DIY Glass Hemp Wick Dispenser and Holder

There’s like a million different small glass jars and you could use any of them but I would suggest using a jar that's small and fits nicely in your hand.

I used a mini alcohol bottle (like the sample size) they are good to use because they are small, glass and usually has a metal screw on lid.

I used my tool to pierce a hole in the middle of the lid, then I jammed some hemp wick inside and stuck it through the hole, screwed the lid on and BOOM another hemp wick holder.

If you’re not into piercing a hole in the lid then I suggest using a glass salt of pepper shaker.

DIY Hemp Wick Holder Stoner Craft Hack

They are awesome to use because they are small and already have holes in the lid. Just make sure that the hemp wick you have will fit through the holes because they are usually pretty small.

I want to see your DIY hemp wick dispensers

Share them with me through any of the links below