Cannabis Leaf Themed Baking Tools

These aren't your grandma's baking tools, I've found all the best cannabis themed cookie cutters, baking pans, and other kitchen supplies.  They are perfect to make your edibles with or you make your "normal" baking even more dope.

First let me introduce you to the EASIEST way to cannabis butter (if you're a legal marijuana patient or live somewhere cannabis is legal)

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The Magical Butter Machine takes the work and guesswork out of cannabutter creation and makes it.. well magical.

I LOVE my Magical Butter Machine, its the best, easiest and quickest way to make cannabis oil, butter, or tinctures. 

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Once the machine has finished making your butter, just strain out the plant matter and pour your liquid butter into the silicone (non-stick) butter stick mold and let it harden. Using this mold will help you out with measurement and storage, get two birds stoned with one product.

So grab your apron and your rolling pin and let's get baking!

There are a bunch of baking tools out there to take your cookies, brownies, or cakes from the traditional boring shape to cannabis shaped!




Maybe you're more of a Chocolatier? (fancy word for people who make chocolate) 

Medicated or unmedicated I'd rather eat chocolate that's shaped like weed.


You can also utilize silicone moulds for making chocolate (or gummies) or you can use them for their intended purpose and make ice


Also you don't want to burn your fingers when you're making your baking so get yourself some weedy pot holders... get it? Pot holders? 😂 


Everything is baked but it's time to decorate

Presentation is everything!

Have fun with your food and decorate it. Stick fake doobie candles in your cake, add some fun colored icing, or weed leaf cupcake toppers, and of course you can never go wrong with some sprinkles. 


Happy Baking

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Baking Supplies for Cannabis Edibles