10 Craft Hacks You Need to Know

Learn 10 craft hacks you need to know to save you time, money, and frustration!

1. Bottle Cap Pallet

Don't have a paint pallet? Squirt paint into bottle caps. You can also create your own pallet by taking a large plastic lid and gluing bottle caps onto it.  

2. Lint Roller Glitter Clean Up

I love crafting with glitter but it gets freaking everywhere! And is impossible to clean up, until now! Use your lint roller on the glitter covered service to easily, and quickly clean up your beautiful, sparkly mess.



3. Make Your Own Craft Supplies

Craft supplies can be sooo expensive. So before you run to the store check out if you can make what you need yourself. Check out these recipes glue, clay, Mod Podge, glue dots and there's way more! Just look on Pinterest

SOURCE:  Pinterest

SOURCE: Pinterest

4. Save Money With Coupons

If you can't make it at least try to save money on it. Before you run to the craft store find coupons on their website or join their email list for the inside scoop on deals and promotions.

5. Fork Pom Poms

Make your own cute, fluffy pom poms using yarn and a fork



6. Bring Sharpies Back to Life with Rubbing Alcohol 

Oh crap, you've left the lid off your Sharpie again and it's dried out. Time to throw it in the trash, it's a goner, right? WRONG soak that tip in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Once you see a small amount of ink coming from the tip take it out of the alcohol, put the lid back on and let it rest for 15 mins before using.

SOURCE:  Listotic

SOURCE: Listotic

7. Sharpen Scissors with Tin Foil

Fold your foil a few times so it's thicker then cut it with your scissors. You may have to do this several times, checking on the sharpness of your scissors by cutting through paper.

8. Re-Use Paint Chips in Crafting

There are a million and one uses for paint chips in crafting. Go on Pinterest and search "Paint Chip Crafts" and you are bound to find a cheap and easy DIY for all those paint chips you have stashed away. 

9. Purchase a Fishing Tackle Box for Organization and Storage

If you're a crafter or DIYer it's so important to have all your little bits and bobs organized! It will save you time, money and sanity. Fishing tackle boxes make the perfect organizer! 

10. Use a Binder Clip for a Glue Gun Holder

10 Craft Hacks You Need to Know to Save You Time, Money, and Your Sanity

10 Craft Hacks You Need to Know to Save You Time, Money, and Your Sanity

I hope you can put some of these hacks to good use!

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