Stoner Crafts: Decorating a Bong with Nail Polish

Nail polish marbling is all the rage. Water marbled nails, cups, plates, cell phone cases.

Stoner Crafts: Decorating a Bong with Nail Polish

In this week's stoner craft sesh I'm going to see if I can paint my bong with nail polish, Water marble stylez

So full disclosure, I’ve tried nail polish water marbling before..and I wasn’t very good at it. 

Fuck Pinterest and Youtube making it look so easy and beautiful..

This time def turned out better than the first time I tried and I didn't get such a horrible headache, so I'm going to call that a win.

Join me while I show you how I decorated my bong with nail polish

You can watch my Youtube video or scroll down to read my blog post.

For this craft I used:

  • obviously a bong
  • nail polish (I used two different colors)
  • a bucket the bong fit in
  • HOT water
  • tooth pick (I used a thin metal wire, but same shit)
  • air dry clay 

First I went outside because I am very scent sensitive and get a headache within minuets of being around that stinky nail polish, luckily the sun was shining so it was a good day to craft outside.  

You could do this inside but do so in a well ventilated area.. you don’t want to get high off these fumes.

Stoner Crafts: Decorating a Bong with Nail Polish

First Step- Clog in the Hole

I had some air dry clay and stuck a chunk the the bowl hole so the water and nail polish doesn’t go inside the bong.

We don't want nail polish inside the bong

If my mouth piece was going to be close to the water I would have plugged that as well. But water pipe is a side car so it was out the way.

On my first attempt at water marbling (yeah it took two tries) I used water that was too cool and the nail polish hardened fast and got messed up.

Stoner Crafts: Decorating a Bong with Nail Polish

On my second attempt I filled my bucket with hot water 

and I slowly poured the nail polish onto the water's surface and use my metal stick to swirl around the nail polishes.

That hot water made a big difference.

When I thought it was "marbled" enough I dipped the side of my bong in the water.

NOTE: You gotta do this fast or else the water will cool off and if you try to swirl the nail polish it just all clumps together- instant buzz kill.

Stoner Crafts: Decorating a Bong with Nail Polish

I quickly dipped it into the water/nail polish concoction, rolled it to each side a little bit then pulled out.

There were some globs of nail polish on it so I did smudge a little bit around with my metal wire. Maybe I used a bit too much nail polish.. but if you don't use enough the effect is a lot more pastel looking and more like water color paint. I wanted the color in mine to be really vivid so I used a lot.

I took the air dry clay out bowl hole and I left it in the sun to dry then went a played Bingo with my grandma at the old folks home. 

Stoner Crafts: Decorating a Bong with Nail Polish

When I got back home it was dry and looked pretty cool, I created my own heady glass haha.

BUT I don’t think this nail polish paint job is permanent.. I could probably spray it with some sealant so it won’t chip or scratch off, that might protect it. But I’m just going to leave it and see how it goes.

Cleaning the bong is going to be tricky because if alcohol gets on the outside its gonna remove the nail polish like nail polish remover (they both are alcohol). 

So that might be as long as this paint job lasts.. until I clean it… but I'm pretty confident all the nail polish will come off and the bong will be as good as "new", back to basic.