10 Very Unique Types of Pipes and Bongs that Are NOT Made of Glass

The cannabis community is not short on creativity, you can see this in the pipes and bongs that we are smoking out of. 

Until now glass has been the most used material to create something to smoke out of.

But as more places around the world legalize weed the market for smoking products is growing rapidly and with this growth comes new innovations.

SO Let's look at 10 new types of Smoking devices are highly innovative


Have you ever wanted to design your own style of bong? Well now you can with the power of 3-D printing.

These 3-D printed smoking devices are from Lifted Innovations and on their website you can build your own bong! You pick the pieces and even the colors, any color of the rainbow and more including glow in the dark, UV reactive, pearl, gold and silver.


You've probably seen a ceramic pipe before, but a ceramic bong? These simple, and classy smoking pieces are from a company called Summerland and you can get one for $165 to $195

You can also purchase these ceramic water pipes that have been painted by artist, or if you're crafty you could decorate one yourself.

3. ICE

Water goes inside a bong or your bong can be made of water- saaay whaat? Well not liquid water but frozen water. All you need is the silicone mould from Eyce for $89.99. 

Sure it will melt after a bit but the mould is totally reusable and will deliver some amazingly cool tokes! 

If you're more into hand pipes then there's the Frost Pipe for $25.00 this mould is also re-useable so you can enjoy your cool pipe again and again.

Get creative and add flavoring or food coloring to the water before freezing it.


Do you have a problem with breaking your glass? Maybe a silicone bong would be better for you. It's the perfect bong for the clumsy person or adventurer.

These bongs are from Strong Silicone and cost $80.00 or you can get a glow in the dark one for $100

Maybe you'd rather have dabs on the go with no chance of breaking your glass rig? Here's a silicone dab rig from Eyce, it looks dope, wont break and is pretty affordable at $49.99


Smoke your pipe and eat it too! Blaze a bowl in the Lollipipe then when the munchies set it you'll have something to satisfy your sweet tooth all for under $10

Maybe you don't have much a sweet tooth? Well how about a pretzel pipe? Made by Party Pretzelz , grab a 3 pack for $30


My Bud Vase is a company that is transforming your Grandma's old vase into a smoking piece that is both discreet and beautiful.


It's the pizza box that comes with a pipe! Pop out the perforated cardboard, fold it up and pop in the ceramic pizza table (little white thing in the centre of a pizza that looks like a table) - it functions as the bowl.

So far the Pizza Pipe is just a concept pizza box but hopefully in the future there will be a pizza chain that will use this packaging. 


The PERFECT wake and bake mug! Meet the coffee mug with a pipe built in from Zang , $40 will get you this awesome creation. After your wake and bake just pop it in the dishwasher and give it a clean so you can use it again tomorrow.


Raw Earth Gems sells these beautiful crystal and stone pipes for $75.00 to $90.00. Choose from labrodite, amathyst, opal and more. Pick which ever one matches your vibe or collect them all.


Transformer Tubes are the Legos of the bong world and let you configure your own bong. Each section is made from a high grade polycarbonate (better than acrylic) and the pieces screw together easily. Make it short or tall, include percs, a freezer module, ice chamber or milking chamber.

Which one is your favourite? Any you didn't like? Leave a comment below, let's chat about it.

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