Hemp Craft Supplies on Amazon

Hemp is an amazing crafting supply! Hemp can be made into SOO many things. Then you can take hemp craft supplies like  twine, to fabric to paper to make ever more things!

So let look at hemp crafting supplies available on Amazon and get high on hemp DIY.

Hemp Twine aka Hemp Cord

The only brand of hemp twine worth using is Hemptique, Amazon has a wonderful selection of their colors which include all the color of the rainbow and more!

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Hemp Rope

Hemp rope is just as versatile than hemp twine if not even more, so many things can be made using rope.

Hemp Fabric

If you're a sewist I suggest you try creating with hemp fabric. Hemp fabric is stronger and more eco friendly than cotton fabric.

Hemp Yarn

Just like hemp fabric, hemp yarn is strong and warm! Perfect for making winter accessories like beanies or scarfs. 

Hemp Paper

Draw on it or paint on it! You can get loose leaf hemp paper or sketch books. Personally I love hemp sketch books, the paper is so thick and is a beautiful cream color. 


Make your own candles? Use hemp wick

Did you know you can use hemp oil as a stain on wood?

I love this sketchbook with a hemp fabric cover

Get crafty with some hemp soap

Hemp can help create thousand and thousands of different things so why don't you go out and create something made with hemp.