Review of Puff's Pendy Melts - The Candle With a Hidden Glass Pendant

I'm sure you've seen the candles with a ring hidden inside, apparently worth HUNDRED or ever THOUSANDS of dollars.

I thought the idea was really cool but I'm not the type of girl to wearing fancy rings on my fingers, I'm much more into glass jewelry.

So when I won a #WorldReefer prize pack from Coral Reefer with a Puff's Pendy Melts candle I was VERY excited and couldn't wait to get the glass pendy out.

Puff's Pendy Melts Candle Review by Chronic Crafter

Each pendant in the candle is made by a glass artist, worth between $20 to $800 and a there are a VERY wide variety of styles of pendants. 

But some special editions of the candles don't have pendys but have carb caps or dabbers hidden inside instead.

On Puff's Pendy Melts Big Cartel store each candle is $35, comes in a mason jar and a variety of scents. 

I'm pretty sensitive to scents and a lot of candles give me a headache so I don't usually burn them BUT this candle is amazing, the scent fills a room but isn't over powering. 

The candle I got is called "SweetTree", below is the batch my candle came from.

I loved the smell, the glitter in the candle and as the wax melted the color changed which was pretty awesome as well. 

These are some progress shots of my candle burning.

I was SO excited the day my pendy melted out of its wax prison.

AND I LOVED IT!!! My pendy has the Super Star in it from Super Mario!! And I'm pretty sure its made from purple slime glass.

As Puff's Pendy Melts says "The pendy chooses you" and this pendy has great taste for choosing me! We go together like dabs on quartz nail. 

Puff's Pendy Melts Candle Review by Chronic Crafter

Overall I am super stoked about my Puff's Pendy Melt! The candle was a pleasure to burn, the excitement of waiting for my pendy was.. well exciting and I am in love with the pendy that I got. 

The coolest part was messaging @PuffsPendyMelts on Instagram and sending them a picture of my pendy to find out who made it. Turns out my pendy was created by @Krig_Glass

I can't wait to get my next Puff's Pendy Melt and if you want one of these dope candles for yourself use the code "WorldReefers" to save 10%

FYI if you're impatient or don't want a candle there are also bath bombs with a pendy, marble, or glass ring inside.