The 13 Best DIY Halloween Decorations EVER

Halloween is the best holiday! The home decor is so creepy and dark, I love it. And if you're reading this then I'm assuming you love Halloween too! Hopefully these decorations inspire you to create your own scary haunted house

Let's look at 13 of the best DIY Halloween home decor

You could re-create this DIY with posable skeletons and some hardware

Well, this body bag is a creepy AF Halloween do it yourself. With some bottles, glue gun, garbage bags and rope you'll have a dead body you'll want to show off. It's sure to give your friends and neighbours goosebumps.

This is scene is sure to make anyone's heart skip a beat. Stuff some old clothes with blankets or pillows then wrap that in clear plastic, use the duct tape to help shape the body and hold it all together then string it up. Oh and don't forget some red paint if you want to go all out.  

Why not create a hell pit in your back yard. Dig a hole, place lights in the hole, fit fake arms between pallet slats, put pallet over hold and cover it with a bit a dirt. Now you have a bit of hell in your own backyard... Lucky! 

Glowing eyes in the bushes with glow sticks and toilet papers rolls, that's creepy and easy

Even looking at "normal" dolls can make skin crawl, but turning them into creepy zombies and we have a Halloween decoration winner!

Put a this jar on a shelf and it'll turn heads

Are you okay little girl? Sad your candy haul sucks? Hello? Why aren't you answering me.. oh that's because you're a skeleton in a wig and clothes.. *shutter*

You know you were scared of this creepy little shit in the movie the Grudge. Get a mask, some paint and a lot of fake wigs this curse will be haunting you.

Personally I think rats are cute but not so much when they are chewing on a coprse

I'm pretty sure this technique has been used to fake ghost photos, it does have a spooky effect. 

Show off your stolen faces with style, stretched out in a picture frame. This is an easy DIY with a face (or mask), twine, an old picture frame and fake blood (spider and web optional).  

Find a scary creature, and trap it between 2 laundry baskets that have been spray painted to faux metal, use some chain to hang it from the ceiling and you have yourself a new pet.