DaVinci's Vaporizer the Miqro Review

Today I’m going to share with you my newest vaporizer, the Miqro from Davinci Vaporizers.

You can watch the video below for a full unboxing and review or just keep reading to find out a bit more about DaVinci’s newest herbal vaporizer.


The edition that I have is the “Explorer Edition” which retails at $265 CAD or $199 if you’re in the US. There is a “Standard Edition” that retails for $50 less but it doesn’t come will all the awesome accessories that the Explorer Edition does. In my opinion it’s totally worth it to spend the extra little bit of money to get an extra battery, silicone sleeve, travel case and more.

All the accessories that come with the Explorer Edition above

The Micro is DaVinci’s newest vaporizer, 33% smaller than the IQ, their previous model, it’s almost the same size of Bic lighter!

Size Comparison of a Bic Lighter to DaVinci's Miqro Vaporizer


The Miqro is meant for a lighter cannabis user, like someone who is new to using cannabis therefore have a low tolerance or someone who enjoys micro dosing cannabis.

It doesn’t produce a really heavy vapor compared to the larger and more powerful IQ. But I can see a lot of people liking this vaporizer over other herbal vaporizers because the taste is pure and the size makes it super portable and discreet.


I love the construction and feel of the device, it’s sturdy and solid but not too heavy. It looks beautiful and comes in a variety of colors. The bowl and vaporizer pathway are zirconium ceramic which makes the vapor super pure and gives you a great taste. The device is easy and enjoyable to use.


  • You can pack .25 to .1 of a gram of herb depending on your height of the oven pearl

  • 4 different heat settings aka “Smart Paths” as well as “Precision Mode” which holds its heat at one setting

  • About 40 seconds to heat up

  • Per battery you get about 30 mins use

  • Battery takes about 1.5 to to 2 hours to charge

  • Charges battery by USB micro cable that plugs into device

  • Battery is removable

  • 5 year warranty on device

In Conclusion

I really like this vape for a variety of reasons. I would totally recommend it if you’re looking for a personal vaporizer that’s perfect for on the go. 

Grab your Miqro today from Vapor Nation

Review and Tutorial of Resolution Gel Cleaner and Res Caps

Today I’m sharing with you some ridiculously useful glass cleaning products from Resolution

Whether you’re smoking from a glass pipe, bong, or oil rig.. it's important to keep them clean.

Unfortunately cleaning your glass can be a pain the ass so I am super excited to have any product that makes this process easier.

That's why I'm excited to show you the Resolution cleaning kit which consists of their gel and res caps.




  1. Dump out dirty water
  2. Shake up gel in pouch
  3. Pour 1/3 of a cup (3 oz) of the cleaning gel in your bong
  4. Place res caps on mouth piece and down stem
  5. Shake gel around so it coats the inside of the bong
  6. Leave for 5 to 30 mins depending on how dirty your glass is
  7. Dump the gel back in the pouch (The gel can be reused up to 10 times)
  8. Rinse with warm water

If your bong is really dirty you might need to give it a bit of a scrub or repeat steps 2 through 7, but the gel does an amazing job of lifting the resin off the glass.


  1.  Shake gel pouch
  2. Open up top of gel pouch
  3. Place pipe inside
  4. Close pouch and shake
  5. Leave for 5-30 mins depending how diry pipe is
  6. Take pipe out of pouch 
  7. Rise with warm water
  8. Repeat or scrub if nessesscary

NOTE- you can also drop your bong bowl inside the pouch and clean it the same way


I really enjoyed using the Resolution gel, it was super easy and made my glass look amazing.


It did require a scrub brush to get some of the resin off my bong (I let her get really dirty before testing out this cleaner). But if I did the second soak with the res gel (or just let it sit longer) then I probably would not have had to scrub it. No matter what method or product you use to clean your bong have scrub brushes always help get that resin off.

I usually use alcohol and salt to clean my bong which works.. but I prefer using this gel. ISO alcohol stinks, takes more work and it's not reusable. 


These res caps are awesome because I don’t have to get my hands covered in resin and alcohol or whatever cleaner I'm using when I’m trying to plug the holes and shake the cleaner around on the inside of my bong.

These res caps are useful for a few other reason too besides just cleaning:

  • You can also transport your bong with water still inside and not worry about it leaking out.
  • The caps also keep the smell of dirty bong water inside your bong.
  • The silicone will also protect your mouth piece and stem when you’re not using your bong… if you’re clumsy that’s a big help.


You can grab the Resolution gel pack for $12.99 USD on their website. Which I think is a reasonable price, as I mentioned before the gel is reusable so you are going to get quiet a few uses out of it. 

The res caps are also available on their website for $15.99 in a variety of colors (black, blue, white, and of course green)

Also on their website they sell a pack of tube brushes that come in a variety of sizes and they are perfect for scrubbing your glass.

If you’re looking for a bong, pipe, or dab rig cleaner I highly recommend the Resolution cleaning system

Why You Need a Stash Box for Your Cannabis, Tools and Accessories

So why do you need a stash box for your cannabis tools and accessories?

Watch my Youtube video below to find out my reasons for having one

or just keep scrolling down to read


  • Less Clutter

  • Stay Organized

  • Be Discreet

  • Stop Misplacing Your Items

Here's my new stash box that I am totally in love with

It fits all my stoney accessories perfectly! (Well except for a couple bigger things like my bong and ashtray.. obviously)

I love the compartments that help me separate my items and it also helps stop them from rolling around the box. My stash box also has a removable rolling tray and in the lid, there's a holder for my rolling papers.

This stash box from Hakuna Supply also came with a grinder and glass jar that fit nicely in the box

I love the compartments that help me separate my items and it also helps stop them from rolling around the box. My stash box also has a removable rolling tray and in the lid and there's a holder for my rolling papers.

This stash box from Hakuna Supply also came with a grinder and glass jar that fit nicely in the box

**DISCLOSURE** I like to totally honest and upfront about products I promote, this blog post was NOT paid for but Hakuna Supply did send me this stash box to check out.

Isn't is cute! It's so cute that it might draw some people's attetnion so if you need something really stealthy then consider a stash box that looks like a book!

Need something REALLY discreet?

I love these stash boxes that look just like books until you open the cover and the inside of the book is hollow to store all your stuff! Some of them even have a locking compartment so even if it is discovered they can't get inside without a key!

These book stashes will blend in on any bookshelf, wall shelf, desk or coffee table just incase you need to be a stealthy stoner.

Other Wooden Stash Boxes

If you don't own a stash box yet or want an upgrade then I highly suggest you grab one of boxes you saw in my blog post. 

FYI if you purchase one of these stash boxes on Amazon I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

This is just one of the ways I support this blog so I can provide you with free and helpful content.

Thanks for checking out this blog post! Much love, Stay High - Sarah

Buddie Burner's Munchie Madness!!! The Bowl That's Also A Pipe

Potheads have the best ideas! Our creativity knows no bounds, and here's another thing to prove it.

IT'S A cereal bowl that's also a pipe!

Made by Buddie Burner's the concept is somewhat simple but the results are amazing. 

Buddie Burners Munchie Madness Pipe Bowl
  1. Fill Bowl with cereal, ice cream, pasta, yogurt or other bowl friendly foods

  2. Get high with bowl

  3. Eat from bowl

  4. Repeat

Pipe Bowl by Buddie Burnerns
The Smokeable Cereal Bowl

As you can see the cavity underneath the bowl is where the smoke fills. One side of the bowl has your weed bowl and the other side has the mouth piece

The basic Munchie Maddness bowl is going to set you back $119.00 but you also get some pretty rad accessories including the "Stack a bowl" below which helps you smoke three bowls at once, a standard bowl, and a surprise munchie snack to get you started.

If you're more into dabbing there are also bangers available on their website that work with the bowl

There's also a deluxe package for the Munchie Madness bowl that has

  • free international shipping
  • still includes the two bowls mentioned above
  • you can choose your own custom text ingraving up to 15 characters
  • Munchie snack
  • Some slaps
  • an Oopsie Card**

***WTF is an Oopsie card? If (when)  you break your bowl then just ship it to Buddie Burner's along with $10 and they will send you a replacement! Isn't that amazing?!?!

Are you ready to see it in action?

This bowl pipe from Buddie Burner's is PERFECT for morning wake and bakes. Throw some cereal in the bowl, weed in the other and you're good to go.