Buddie Burner's Munchie Madness!!! The Bowl That's Also A Pipe

Potheads have the best ideas! Our creativity knows no bounds, and here's another thing to prove it.

IT'S A cereal bowl that's also a pipe!

Made by Buddie Burner's the concept is somewhat simple but the results are amazing. 

Buddie Burners Munchie Madness Pipe Bowl
  1. Fill Bowl with cereal, ice cream, pasta, yogurt or other bowl friendly foods

  2. Get high with bowl

  3. Eat from bowl

  4. Repeat

Pipe Bowl by Buddie Burnerns
The Smokeable Cereal Bowl

As you can see the cavity underneath the bowl is where the smoke fills. One side of the bowl has your weed bowl and the other side has the mouth piece

The basic Munchie Maddness bowl is going to set you back $119.00 but you also get some pretty rad accessories including the "Stack a bowl" below which helps you smoke three bowls at once, a standard bowl, and a surprise munchie snack to get you started.

If you're more into dabbing there are also bangers available on their website that work with the bowl

There's also a deluxe package for the Munchie Madness bowl that has

  • free international shipping
  • still includes the two bowls mentioned above
  • you can choose your own custom text ingraving up to 15 characters
  • Munchie snack
  • Some slaps
  • an Oopsie Card**

***WTF is an Oopsie card? If (when)  you break your bowl then just ship it to Buddie Burner's along with $10 and they will send you a replacement! Isn't that amazing?!?!

Are you ready to see it in action?

This bowl pipe from Buddie Burner's is PERFECT for morning wake and bakes. Throw some cereal in the bowl, weed in the other and you're good to go.