Meet the Hexagon, a Stylish Ceramic Bong by Brnt

I've had a thing for ceramic bongs lately but a lot of ceramic smoking pieces I've seen still have a traditional glass shape. Then I saw the Hexagon from Brnt! 

The Hexagon from Brnt

This has to be the most unique ceramic bong that I've seen yet.

How It's Made

Brnt utilizes the magic of 3-D printing to create a mold that helps them cast these innovative smoking pieces from ceramic.  

They are completely handmade in the United States and were designed by Canadians. You can learn more about the boys behind Brnt in Leafly's article

Design and Function

This bong was designed to look modern, minimal and well like a piece of art. 

Hexagon Ceramic Bong from Brnt Designs

But not only does it look good, it smokes good too. It was professionally engineered leveraging air flow dynamics aka "science" for a perfect hit all the time.

Dish washer friendly?

Call me lazy but I've always dreamed of bong I could throw in the dish washer and Brnt claims that their bong is dish washer friendly. 

Throw it in the freezer

Not only can this bong handle the heat of a dish washer but also the cold of a freezer. It will give you icy cool tokes that make smoking it that much more enjoyable. 

Drop resistant?

Are you a bit clumsy and break your glass bongs? Well then this bong might be a perfect fit it for you since ceramic is more durable than glass.

Do you want one as much as I do?

Brnt Hexagon Bong

Well you can't have one..

at least not yet haha

Brnt is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to help get Brnt bongs onto the market.

It starts soon so bookmark this page and come back for the link to their campaign and help bring this innovative and awesome looking smoking piece onto the market. 

In my quest to collect only the coolest and most unique smoking pieces this bong from Brnt NEEDS to be on my shelf.