DIY Roach Clip Wand

Nobody likes burning their fingers on the end of a joint (aka "a roach").  In this week's blog I show you my stoner DIY, how I made a beaded roach clip wand. It's both beautiful, useful and makes a great addition to your toking kit.

So let's get started

DIY Roach Clip Wand Supplies

Supply List Includes:

  • Thin Gauge Wire 
  • Alligator Clip
  • Beads (Glass, Stone, Wood, Plastic, whatever you like as long as the hole is small enough to fit on your wire)
  • Jewelry Glue
  • Needle Nose Pliers & Wire Cutters

You should be able to find all these items at your local craft store. 

**FAST TRACK** You can skip steps one through three by purchasing these 

STEP ONE- Cut Wire to Length 

Cut your metal wire to the length you would like your roach clip wand to be

STEP TWO- Glue Alligator Clip to Wire

Glue your metal wire to the bottom side of your alligator clip, then let it dry 

STEP THREE- Secure Alligator Clip

Use your needle nose pliers to push down the tabs on the alligator clip to keep the metal wire in place.

DIY Roach Clip Wand Tutorial by Chronic Crafter

STEP FOUR- Add Beads

Add your beads onto your wire

STEP FIVE- Glue Last Bead

Put a small amount of glue in the bottom hole of your last bead, then slip it onto the wire also place some glue in the top hole. 

STEP SIX- Chill and Let Glue Dry

You're done! Just clip your roach wand to something so it is standing up-right and let the glue dry. 

STEP SEVEN- Burn One Down

Roll up some of your medical marijuana into a joint and smoke it! Once your joint has morphed into a roach, pinch it into your roach clip wand. 


Now you can puff on that medical marijuana joint all the way till the end and not burn your fingers! YAY

Check out the instructions in video below

Thanks for reading this week's blog, I hope I've inspired you to make your own roach clip wand.

Much Love, Stay Crafty

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