DIY Button Marijuana Leaf Wall Art

button wall art marijuana leaf for a stoner diy

Who doesn't love buttons? They are cute, colorful and clothing would be a lot different without them. High five to whoever invented buttons! 

In this craft I'll show you how to take buttons and turn them into marijuana leaf wall art

Supply List Includes:

  • Canvas
  • A Butt Tonne of Buttons (I chose varying shades of green)
  • Glue (I use Tacky Glue brand)
  • Paint and Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Cannabis Leaf Template (or if you can just draw a leaf free hand)

I started off by painting my canvas a pretty purple and letting it dry

button marijuana leaf craft wall art

Then I cut out my marijuana leaf template and lightly traced it on my painted canvas

Then I sorted all my buttons into three piles consisting of small size, medium sized, and large sized buttons

button marijuana leaf craft wall art diy stoner

I arranged my buttons before I started gluing to get an idea of how it would look. I started by doing the outline of the leaf with my buttons then working my way towards the middle of the leaf.

button marijuana leaf craft wall art diy stoner

Then I started gluing them down and creating my first layer of buttons, trying to leave as little space inbetween the buttons as possible. It's like creating a puzzle and getting all the buttons to fit together

button marijuana leaf craft wall art diy stoner

To cover the button gaps in my first layed I create a second layer of buttons to fill the gaps and then glued them down as well

There we go! All done, this craft is easy but a bit time consuming, totally worth it though. This canvas turned out as cute as a button!

Thanks for reading this weeks blog! If you want you can also check out this tutorial in video form on my Youtube Channel

If you're inpsired and create your own button wall art I'd love to see it! Share your creation with me on any of the social media links below